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Hunger is not an issue of charity; it is an issue of justice!

The world is going through an unprecedented pandemic causing loss of human lives. But the deaths are not due to the novel Corona Virus alone. The lockdown has left millions of people homeless and hungry. They have nowhere to go, nothing to eat, and no one to seek help from. Along with the underprivileged in slums and ghettos, there has been a mass movement of migrant workers forced from their cities of employment to native villages. They are walking thirsty and hungry for hundreds of kilometers each day with children, women and senior citizens. They neither have the money to buy food nor the spaces to store food at.

You may not be able to feed a hundred people. You can always feed one!

In the middle of a humanitarian crisis so severe, the least we can do as privileged citizens is to ensure that no one dies of hunger. It is time to flatten the curve for the destitute. Together, we can contribute to ‘Be A Hunger Hero’, an initiative to feed a hundred thousand starving stomachs at identified locations.

We locate such groups in real-time and distribute food that can last up to 2-3 days without refrigeration, keeping the hot weather of our region in mind. We ensure high standards of hygiene and safety while cooking and distributing meals. Our hunger heroes are well-equipped with masks, sanitizers, and gloves to ensure the health of both the givers and takers amid COVID 19. 

India already ranks 103 on the world hunger index. COVID 19 is going to make it much worse for our deprived population that is far bigger than our own kind. While we can only take care of us and ours from CORONA, we can certainly take care of many others from starvation.

Let’s pledge to be a Hunger Hero, because that is the first solution to all the other problems.

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